Who Is Intterra?

Our Story

    • 2017

      June 2017: Western Fire Chiefs Association and Intterra awarded 2-year Public Safety Communications Research grant for Innovation Acceleration in Analysis. This research will create a Data Comparison Center for use by over 40 Fire Departments to create analysis and comparison between them with live data for the first time in U.S. history.
  • 2016

    Intterra Wildfire User Community: Holds its 1st grassroots User Group

    September 2016: 
    Santa Awarded 5 year national Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Enterprise Geospatial contract with partner DSoft. This program will provide the next half-decade of Situational Awareness and field data collection support to all U.S. Federal Wildfire fighting.

    July 2016: Summer Cycling Series comes to Intterra. Intterra has a few cycling enthusiasts and that has inspired a new fitness and team building event. It often ends at 105West Brewery. What3Words location: played.crush.copies

    May 2016:
    Santa Clara County Fire Department wins the USGIF Government Achievement Award for thier enterprise GEOINT system that managed all fire and medical operations for Superbowl 50. (Review page 3 for a description, click here.)

    April 2016: Brian Collins assumes daily operational leadership of Intterra as CEO and Kate Dargan becomes President of the Board of Directors and Chief Strategist.

    Release of a shiny new Field Collaboration Tool in iOS & Android for Operations, Damage Assessment, Resource Tracking and other field data collection activities. 

    The year starts off with a bang
    with a brand new User Interface (yay!) and interagency support for all Super Bowl 50 events!
  • 2015

    SCCFD expands their system to integrate CAD and AVL and directly integrate with their in-vehicle systems. All major SCCFD systems are spatially enabled and available on any device.

    Klamath County, OR/Keno system expands to 11 counties in Oregon and then to the whole state.

    After rolling out a new brand mid-year, Intterra is becoming much more recognizable.  SITUATIONANALYST has exponentially expanded to both wildfire and metro public safety agencies across the United States, the team has expanded and converted all our code to leading edge technology and made it easy to use.
  • 2014

    Many states across the west begin to deploy Intterra software to link all interagency wildfire activities together within thier boundaries. They also seamlessly integrate with the NIFC Enterprise Geospatial Portal.

    The State of Colorado signs on to deploy SITUATIONANALYST as their system called COWIMS to display infrared and regular photos and videos taken from the state's Multi-Mission Aircraft.  

    The State of Montana signs up to deploy SITUATIONANALYST as their system called SA-Montana set up to give all partners the same view of wildfire risk, fuels, and status across the state.  

    Intterra opens new Headquarters on the Colorado Front Range with expanded offices in Castle Rock.

    Santa Clara County Fire Department (SCCFD) signs up to have CAD/AVL data analyzed in SITUATIONANALYST to provide LIVE support for CPSE accreditation.
  • 2013

    Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R), a leading fire department in the national scene, begins a long-term relationship with Intterra to use SITUATIONANALYST as the platform to integrate all of it's core functions. CAD, AVL, Records Management, pre-fire planning, analysis, performance and Standards of Cover. They pioneer the automation of live analysis in the context of all agency and regional systems.

    Major city Fire Department functionality is rolled out to Intterra subscibers. HazMat, USAR, Reporting, and inspection tools begin to become mainstream.
  • 2012

    Intterra doubles again with notable clients and projects. 100% customer retention since founding continues.

    Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) sets up SA to work special events and inspect every hydrant in that small town... in 30 days.

    Orange County Fire Authority releases a parcel based wildfire risk portal for Ops + the public. It includes fuels layers derived from hyperspectral imagery.

    Big updates and tools for SITUATIONANALYST for multi-incident collaborative mapping and national briefing tools for regional and federal collaboration.
  • 2011

    Momentum builds with Intterra and its Fire Subject Matter Experts. The fun and hard work results in strong long-term customers like the International Association of Fire Cheifs (IAFC), Army, Orange County Fire Authority and others. 

    Ventura County Fire Department also continues its national wildfire leadership by providing firefighters the infrared imagery they need in real-time to fight wildfires effectively through heavy smoke. FIRST national real-time incident mapping directly between the aircraft and fireline.
  • 2010

    Intterra is born. Co-founders Kate Dargan, David Blankinship, and Brian Collins develop SITUATIONANALYST™ with Dan Walton.

    Intterra goes to work with the National Interagency Fire Center to deploy SITUATIONANALYST as a keystone of the Fire Geospatial Enterprise Portal.