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The Santa Clara County Fire Department (SCCFD) has implemented Intterra to connect all major systems, and operational personnel together and has made it available on every device; desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.


Large CAD and RMS systems had to be accessed separately. Accreditation and Standards of Cover data was difficult to gather, compile, analyze, and share.


In Intterra the SCCFD now has a real-time integrated CAD, Records Management, and AVL platform. All information is integrated into this mapping system, including incident and unit performance metrics, Standards of Cover, and critical EMS Metrics. The information is all in a dashboard, readily available for review and reporting and submittal as accurate data for accreditation.

15 Total Fire Stations

279 Total Fire Personnel

2014 Total # of Service Calls

The How

Intterra creates a visual dashboard drawing on different systems full of data, integrates them, and produces useable information and real-time analysis. This information came from their existing systems such as CAD and Records Management. Additionally, SCCFD added live feeds into a single real-time map dashboard and mapping system that gives them real-time insight at their fingertips. SCCFD believes that this is the way Fire Departments will make performance information a part of their DNA—tangibly improving how they preserve life, property, and the environment.

About The Department

Established in 1947, the Santa Clara County Fire Department provides fire services for Santa Clara County, California and the communities of Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga. The department also provides protection for the unincorporated areas adjacent to those cities. Wrapping in an approximately 20 mile arc around the southern end of Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara County Fire Department has grown to include 15 fire stations, an administrative headquarters, a maintenance facility, five other support facilities, 19 pieces of front-line apparatus, 3 command vehicles, and 10 reserve apparatus that cumulatively blankets 103 square miles (267 square km) and a population of over 213,000. The department employs over 310 fire prevention, suppression, investigation, administration, and maintenance personnel; daily emergency response consists of 64 employees. The department’s suppression force is also augmented by approximately 30 volunteer firefighters.

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