Becoming Data-Driven – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Fire departments and their staff are under ever-increasing pressure to be transparent with and effectively utilize data in support of almost every decision they make from the company officer to the Chief’s desk. Stakeholders, elected officials, and the public are placing an increased demand on departments to provide accurate and often up to the minute details about events happening in the communities they serve.

Becoming data-driven doesn’t mean doing reporting for the sake of reporting. It means having easy access to data sets you need to answer the questions you get asked pretty much every day whether they be about accreditation, ISO audits, budget justification, or performance accountability.


Watch the webinar and learn:
  • Why your department should embark on becoming data-driven
  • What types of data matter
  • Hear from several departments on how they became data-driven and lessons learned along the way

Hosted by: Intterra & CPSE

Speakers: Chief Dan Peterson, Heather Gallagher, Amy Ehm, Leonard Chan, Robert Edson
Presented: Wednesday, June 24th
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