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SituationAnalyst makes your complicated data easy to use. In the most dynamic ways.

Solutions to fit your needs

SituationAnalyst integrates the data you need with analytical tools so you have easily useable real-time data when and where you need it. Integrated tactical mapping and the optional Data Collector App give you additional data in the field and Command Center simultaneously.

Connected everywhere

Securely connect your data to the world. Use your mobile device or laptop to access your information in the office, field, or board room. Share and collaborate up and down across agencies and enterprises.

Prepared for emergencies

Intterra has developed tools to support your work end-to-end. From risk mitigation, pre-planning, and citizen education, to incident management, performance metrics, and public information management, we've got you covered.

SA Metro Fire

SA Metro Fire is used by fire agencies to connect CAD and AVL, analyze performance metrics, integrate EMS data, make preplans interactive and develop visual dashboards.

SA Wildfire

SA Wildfire targets the needs of teams addressing wildfire threat by integrating regional and parcel-based risk assessment, interactive mitigation projects, real-time fire fighting and fast public information updates.

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