Built For Mobile

Consolidating and simplifying data from multiple sources, SITUATIONANALYST enables the analysis of incident data in real time from the field and presents everything in one readily usable mobile interface.

Links Your Critical Systems into One Dashboard

SITUATIONANALYST integrates needed data with analytical tools in an easy-to-use dashboard so you have powerful real-time data when and where you need it. SA can also integrate your CAD, RMS, and AVL data.

Configurable Cloud-Based System

This fully-configurable, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, with map-centered dashboard, provides real-time intel that can support daily decision making.

Worry-Free Integration with Existing Systems.

We have integrated SITUATIONANALYST with industry-leading Fire IT systems. We can help ensure a smooth integration with minimal impact to your IT Staff.

Life in the station is about making things better for people when they need it most.
Shouldn’t our tools do the same for us?

We believe it doesn’t have to be revolutionary, INT_Video-Image.jpg
it just has to make it easier.

SituationAnalyst presents data integrated from your existing systems in
ways which are easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to master.



How Does It Work?  





Join our conversation about SituationAnalyst, how it's being used in the field and learn
best-practices as determined by fire departments and wildfire agencies across the country.

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Meet the Co-Founders

SituationAnalyst was developed by seasoned professionals with first-hand knowledge of the issues, concerns and needs of firefighters.


Brian Collins

Co-Founder, CEO
Systems Engineer
Remote Sensing Analyst

"My passion and experience has been in advanced remote sensing, thermal & spectral data analysis and emergency management. Working with departments across the country presented us with a unique opportunity to see precisely what firefighters need, and provide an all-in-one solution."


Kate Dargan

Co-Founder, Chief Strategist
30 year firefighter/chief
Former State Fire Marshal of California

“The reason I pulled this group of specialists together was because too many times my firefighters lacked the very kind of information SituationAnalyst provides. It is a passion of ours to save lives, preserve property, and prevent catastrophe that could be avoided with this very kind of technology.”


David Blankinship

Co-Founder, CXO
Product Future, Community

"Everything is mobile now. We are putting the customer experience at the forefront of product discussions. The conversation has shifted—now, anytime there is a conversation about strategy user experience is part of it, Is the application easy to use, intuitive, and beautiful? Does it work equally across all platforms? This has become my obsession."

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SITUATIONANALYST is a proven technology with the potential to dramatically impact your department, your office and your community.

SITUATIONANALYST has successfully transformed the informational, analytical and strategic capabilities of departments all over the country.

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