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Register Now for a 5-Day Community Risk Reduction Workshop for Fire Departments and Agencies

Expert Advice to Help you Improve and Implement Your CRA and CRR Strategies.

Community Risk Reduction

A Workshop for Fire Departments and Fire Protection Agencies

December 2 - 6, 2019



Demonstrate and Deliver More Public Value

This workshop is designed to help your agency turn data into true intelligence and shape your services to deliver greater safety to your communities. Over five days, Intterra and Alchemy will equip you with the insight and techniques to overcome resistance, win commitment, and build new effective alliances in your approach to Community Risk Reduction.

Exploit the True Power of Community Risk Reduction

Are you ready to turn your department on to a smarter way of working to deliver real improvement in community safety? Alchemy has extensive expertise in practical implementation of CRR from end to end forged through years of experience in the UK and the US. Intterra compliments that experience with a well-established approach to data organization, analysis, and presentation. Join us and grow your understanding of CRR planning and what it means for your department.


Featured Speakers

David Blankinship

Co-Founder & CDO at Intterra

John Bonney

Director at Alchemy Management Solutions

About us and the workshop

We are delighted to announce our new workshop program on building expertise in implementing effective CRR in your department. The unique combination of skills and experience that Alchemy and Intterra bring to bear is designed to help those departments ready to take the next courageous step in making their communities safer. Uniquely, Intterra and Alchemy bring years of experience understanding and analyzing risk and then using this intelligence to drive safety management in fire departments and agencies. Our approach is built to support departments who are looking to implement not only a robust process of risk identification, analysis, and management but also appreciate that success depends on a shift of culture across the whole organisation. We can help you to build the necessary approach to turn data into true intelligence and so shape your services to deliver greater safety to your communities. More than this, we also equip you with the insight and techniques to overcoming resistance, win commitment and build new effective alliances for this powerful approach. We use real examples to support understanding and accelerate the learning process.

The Team

  • Alchemy Management Solutions

    Alchemy has extensive expertise in the practical implementation of CRR end to end, this is not just a theoretical approach but one forged through years of experience in the UK and the US

  • Intterra

    Intterra compliments this experience with a solid and well-established approach to data organization, analysis, and presentation.

  • A Unique Partnership

    The partnership between Intterra and Alchemy provides ongoing consultancy and on-demand data analytics as an integrated service for organizations that are both looking to genuinely drive improvement and are serious about leadership in this field.

The Workshop

A Step by Step Approach

We provide a step by step approach to understanding Community Risk Reduction Planning and what it means for you department-referencing NFPA 1300, Vision 20/20 guidance and international practice.

Build a Meaningful CRA

We focus on showing you how to build a meaningful Community Risk Assessment which aligns with your existing capabilities and then shows you how to take the next steps.

Explore Data Gathering

The workshop provides an exploration of data gathering and analytics techniques to help you identify, map and quantify community risk.

Support Tailored to Meet Needs

We do not sell a one size fits all product or service but know that to truly help clients build sustainable improvement working them to tailor the support which best meets their needs and reflects their individual context is key.

Connect with Other Practitioners

We support your learning by connecting you with other practitioners who are on the same journey. We consider that part of our commitment to all commissions.

Practical Exercises and Case Studies

Our workshop program is designed to build your understanding and creativity with practical exercises and case studies. This helps clients to develop a complete view of the process of CRR and the part that the CRA plays.

CRR Process

We aim to help you turn the CRR process into the backbone of your whole strategic planning process.

Strategies to Overcome Resistance

The workshop will also look at the potential organizational, cultural and political pitfalls which you might encounter and offer strategies to overcome resistance.

Ongoing Support

Access to further support both on line and in person for those that want to use the workshop as a springboard for further development work.

Who It's For

Experience shows us that to get the best out of these workshops clients should aim to send a team of up to 4 people*:

  • corporate decision-makers with responsibility for community safety
  • lead individuals with responsibility for data management/analysis
  • local team leaders delivering fire prevention activities
  • decision-maker with responsibility for enforcement activities

* Departments may wish to send others with similar references and we can advise further, if necessary.


The Community Risk Reduction Workshop hosted by Intterra and Alchemy is highly sought after and space is extremely limited. Join us and help move your department towards a smarter way of working to deliver real improvement in community safety.

Event Capacity: 24 Students

Cost: $1300 per Student

Venue information

The San Bernardino Regional Emergency Training Center (SBRETC) state-of-art ARFF training facility stands ready to train fire professionals domestically & internationally utilizing the latest in curriculum and equipment, setting the standard in Aircraft and Rescue Firefighting.

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Hotel information

We have secured a room block at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott in San Bernardino for our workshop registrants. Once you register, we will send you a private link that you may use to book your rooms.