Intterra is your All-Hazards Common Operating Picture, aggregating all of your data and enabling you to understand what it actually means. Real-Time Situational Awareness for Firefighters


Intterra cloud-based data visualization software for fire agencies: get to a new level of situational awareness.


Intterra cloud-based data visualization software for fire agencies: get to a new level of situational awareness.

Trusted by Some of the Busiest Firefighting Agencies in the US

Intterra empowers you with insights and analytics to accomplish your mission safely and effectively.

Access all your department’s data in one centralized, visual interface. You’ll have your first ever complete picture of what you’re dealing with on a moment-by-moment basis so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

intterra wildfire season prep Effectively Preparing for Wildfire Season ARE YOU READY? Designed to increase interoperability, Intterra provides data-sharing tools and techniques to fire agencies nationwide. SEE MORE The Complete Preplanning Guide for Fire Agencies NEVER BE OUT OF DATE AGAIN GET THE GUIDE Learn how and why accurate, up-to-date preplanning data is critical to fire response success. Intterra Uses Big Data & Machine Learning SERVING THE FIRE SERVICE COMMUNITY Learn how Intterra, WFCA, and Rice University's D2K Lab are using data science to bring knowledge to fire agencies. LEARN MORE Intterra and WFCA webinar series COVID-19 and Wildfire WEBINAR SERIES HOSTED BY WATCH NOW Episode 3 is Now On-Demand Situational Awareness and
Fire Management Assistance Grants
JUST RELEASED BOOK A LIVE DEMO Intterra's new tools help our clients rapidly assess and apply for Fire Management Assistance Grants (FMAGS) in time to support local agencies with late season activity in Southern California.
Becoming a Data-Driven Department - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly ON-DEMAND WEBINAR In a webinar sponsored by CPSE, Intterra discusses what it means to become data-driven, what types of data matter, and how to effectively utilize data. WATCH NOW Intterra's Suite of Tools Are Available as Modules Intterra's suite of tools are now available as individual modules, allowing departments of all sizes access to the parts of Intterra that make sense for them right now, and providing a path for the future. LEARN MORE Operations > Preplanning > Reporting & Analytics > Incident Management >

Operations Real time situational awareness, better decisions, better support LEARN MORE Intterra Operations gives you the up-to-the-moment, technology-based intel to make decisions and trade-offs that will keep lives and property safe. Preplanning Create Dynamic, Real-time Preplans – Never be out of date again LEARN MORE Your crews can collect critical information directly into Intterra so that when the time comes, you can easily see your preplan data alongside your operational picture. Incident Management Your all hazards common operating picture LEARN MORE Focus on critical information, align resources, and take action to bring incidents to a close. Your access to information about what's happening will be more in-depth than ever before. Reporting & Analytics Data-Driven decision support for your agency LEARN MORE Get insights about your performance to improve service to your community, and share your success with your stakeholders.

Trusted by Some of the Best Fire Professionals in the U.S.

Intterra has been supporting fire agencies nationwide for over 10 years

Report on Your Success

Intterra Reporting & Analytics arms you with insights so you can share the story of your success with your stakeholders.

Get performance metrics down to the unit level. See response times down to a single resource, shift, call, and more. The Intterra reporting tools give you more detail, in one place, so you can effectively communicate your success and identify your needs.








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