We want to transform firefighting.

We are on a mission to arm fire and emergency services agencies, utilities, and first responders with big-data solutions to manage R3™ Risk – Response – Resilience.

Intterra is proud to be based in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Our Purpose

Intterra was born from the belief that there is a better way to get data and information to those working on the frontlines. To meet that need, our team specializes in creating comprehensive, actionable intelligence in a common operational picture tailored to the specific needs of fire, public safety, utilities, insurance, and emergency services clients.

With our GIS and map-based software solutions for R3™ Risk – Response – Resilience, Intterra works with organizations of all sizes to visualize, prepare for, respond to, and recover from small- and large-scale events and support their day-to-day operations.

The right data, the right people, the right time. That’s the Intterra promise.

Our mission is to bring focused, SaaS and cloud-based workflows and services together in one accessible location so you have the information that you need – when you need it. Together, we make communities stronger, safer, and more resilient.

Our Partners

We partner and integrate with some of the premier providers in the industry to provide you with a seamless, best-in-class workflow.

Who We Serve

Supporting Broad Fire Service and All-Hazard Initiatives

Intterra is used by some of the country’s busiest firefighting and emergency services agencies, helping them harness their digital data to save lives and protect property.  Major metro fire departments and county agencies use Intterra to preplan and manage situational awareness. The U.S. Forest Service uses Intterra to help protect the nation’s forests. Utilities, insurance providers and other organizations use Intterra to protect assets and respond to incidents.

Enterprise Geospatial Portal

In Association with the U.S. Forest Service

Over 6,000 firefighters access Intterra to monitor, map, cooperate, support, and protect the lands governed by the United States Forest Service.

Visit the EGP

Fire Data Lab

In Association with the Western Fire Chiefs Association

Intterra is the platform used by the Western Fire Chiefs Association to support a broad data sharing initiative between fire agencies to enable best practices and expansion of big data use in fire service around the country.

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Meet the Intterra leadership team dedicated to enabling firefighters and emergency responders to fight fires with better information.

Robert Edson

Chief Sales Officer

Robert brings over 23 years of successful sales background in public safety and emergency management, including implementation of the United States’ first statewide VOIP 911 solution. Robert also operated as a liaison to Denver’s Office of Emergency Management during the 2008 Democratic National Convention where he seamlessly coordinated an emergency response through federal, state, and local teams. At Intterra, Robert’s focus is growing all revenue channels while developing marketing initiatives.

Adam Gotlieb

Chief Product Officer

Adam relies on several decades of product and marketing expertise to direct Intterra’s product management practice focused on resilience, actionable intel, and workflow modernization. Before joining Intterra, Adam served as Chief Product Officer for Matrix and Director of Product Management for Imagine Communications, playing a crucial role in helping streamline and grow a complex, global portfolio of enterprise software. Previously, Adam served in lead product management, branding, and marketing roles.

Kate Dargan


Kate at age 18 began her career as a firefighter and worked her way up to the top post of California State Fire Marshal, a first for women. She currently serves as senior advisor for the Moore Foundation’s Wildfire Resilience Initiative, with a focus on reducing the threat of severe wildfire and enabling beneficial fire to achieve sustained resiliency. Previously, Kate worked for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy as Assistant Director for Preparedness and Response. She served as Chief Strategy Officer for Intterra, which she co-founded in 2010, and currently serves as Intterra’s Strategic Advisor.

Brian Collins


Brian started his career serving his country as a U.S. Marine. Up until founding Intterra with Kate Dargan and David Blankinship in 2010, he held positions in both commercial and public sector organizations working on and leading major projects for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, SRA International and The Boeing Company. Brian was CEO from 2016 until 2023 and now serves on the Board and as a strategic consultant.

Intterra is a portfolio company of Emberline.

Intterra is a portfolio company of Emberline.

The History of Intterra

Intterra Company Timeline

Intterra is born


Co-founders Kate Dargan, David Blankinship, and Brian Collins develop the Intterra software platform with Dan Walton.

Intterra goes to work with the National Interagency Fire Center


Intterra is chosen as the platform for the Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) for the U.S. Forest Service.

Firsts for Firefighting


Working with Ventura County, real-time infrared technology enables firefighting through heavy smoke, IRWIN display of incidents, and the first real-time incident mapping directly between the aircraft and fireline.

Collaborative Common Operating Picture


Intterra releases multi-incident collaborative mapping and briefing tools for regional, state and federal collaboration.

Intterra doubles in size


Metro Agency Tools


Intterra moved into Metro Agencies with the introduction of HazMat, USAR, reporting, and inspection tools.

TVF&R Standardizes on Intterra


Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue outside of Portland Oregon is the first Metro agency to integrate CAD, AVL, and RMS into a common operating platform using Intterra's SitStat, Preplans & Reporting tools.

Multi-Mission Aircraft


The State of Colorado uses Intterra to pass infrared, photos, and video from the aircraft to firefighters on the incident in near real time, both day and night.

Intterra doubles in size again


Intterra's Special Events Solution used for interagency support during Super Bowl 50


Santa Clara County Fire wins the 2016 United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Government Achievement Award for their coverage of Super Bowl 50, using Intterra for Interagency support

Partnership with Western Fire Chiefs Association


Awarded 2-year Public Safety Communications Research grant for Innovation Acceleration in Analysis focused on using real-time data to advance the effectiveness of fire agencies through data analysis.

Ashland manages risk assessments in Intterra


In conjunction with Esri geographic information system (GIS) technology, Ashland Fire and Rescue in Oregon built a risk model to encourage home hardening and defensible space improvements around homes, directly contributing to the application and award of a $3 million FEMA Pre-disaster Mitigation grant.

Western Fire Chiefs Association Grant


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) a grant to accelerate the creation of the Fire Data Lab (FDL). 13 new departments joined the FDL and Intterra co-hosted a Data Analysis Summit with the WFCA.

Intterra expands Special Events to cover ASHER


Intterra develops, in conjunction with Boise Fire Department, an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response solution based on the NFPA 3000 standard.

Intterra Re-Brands and Expands with Multiple Modules


Our company's brand identity was reimagined as Intterra expands into a suite of modules for Preplanning, Operations, Incident Management, Reporting & Analytics

Intterra Adds New High-Profile Clients


The 655,000-acre Angeles National Forest, and Houston Fire Department, the 4th largest department in the country join Intterra.

Airborne 2.0 Launches


Enhanced, real-time full-motion video is now available for aerial firefighting on multiple platforms.



Intterra implements a pilot program for managing protocol adherence and metrics by system of care for EMS management and training.



Intterra provides the integration and common operating picture as the foundation for the FIRIS (Fire Integrated Real Time Intelligence) program in California, in conjunction with the WIFIRE Lab at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Supercomputer Center.

Partnership with Rice University


Intterra starts a new partnership and collaboration with Rice University to explore data science in the fire service.

Intterra Provides COVID-19 Pandemic Response to Firefighting Community


Intterra developed and implemented COVID-19 tracking and preplanning tools, including vaccine access information.

Intterra is Nationwide


This year marks more new customers in new regions, making Intterra nationwide. New clients include St. Louis Fire Department, Spokane County Fire Department, CAL Fire, Oregon Department of Forestry, and Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office.

2020 Marks the Busiest Fire Season to Date


Simultaneously, Intterra supported Colorado, Oregon, Montana, and California during the states' most unprecedented wildfires.

Intterra Achieves New Uptime


With more use of the application and at the same time, Intterra reaches 99.999s in uptime.

Stats/FMAG tool introduced


New geospatial-statistical tool is implemented allowing users to easily analyze map data, simplifying the process of submitting a FEMA Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG).

Intterra Updates R&A Product


Intterra Expands Reporting & Analytics - Providing real-time information for Fire Chiefs and analysts through Standard, Advanced and Custom dashboards addressing needs such as Performance, Station Metrics and Effective Response Force.

Washington State Adopts Intterra


Intterra partners with Timmons Group to enhance the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) KPIs and Forest Fire Protection Assessments.

Investment from Emberline


Intterra forms a strategic partnership with Emberline (formerly Yamhill Capital) to roll out new products supporting first responders and emergency services agencies.

Seen on PBS Television Behind the Wings


Intterra was recognized for their work and role in aerial firefighting in 2021’s fire season, in conjunction with the State of Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC). Click to view.

Las Vegas area uses Intterra for large-scale special events


Clark County Fire Department used Intterra to coordinate multiple cross-jurisdictional special event plans connecting fire, law enforcement, emergency management, and EMS agencies.

Intterra supports Air Missions with Bode Aviation, Courtney Aviation, AEVEX Aerospace and Shotover


Intterra provides situational awareness and visual intel on more than 1,800 air missions covering over 920 incidents.

Kick-Off of the Community Wildfire Resiliency Initiative with WFCA and MOORE Foundation


Intterra launches the Community Wildfire Resiliency Initiative with WFCA and a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to support the building of resilient communities, manage mitigations, inform response, and ease recovery.

Vacant Building Tracking



Intterra rolls out a vacant building map in conjunction with the City of St. Louis Fire Department to highlight risks in firefighter safety in the city.

Intterra Expands Partnership with WIFIRE for Fire Modeling


Intterra enhances Fire Behavior Modeling and Situational Awareness using FIRIS, providing intel from CAD, AVL, flight radar, mountaintop cameras, weather sensors, and ground intelligence.

Intterra Integrates with Zonehaven


The partnership, in conjunction with the State of Oregon, provides customers with a single-screen view of fire progression, Zonehaven evacuation zones, and resources to respond to emergencies and get people to safety as fast as possible.

Intterra-CalOES Partnership


Intterra partners with the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to share data across the State of California

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