Planning and Analysis are Changing.

Next-Gen Technology Drives New Best Practices

ESCI and Intterra are re-imagining Standards of Cover Planning with a cutting-edge approach to how Data, Automation, and Functional strategic planning are done.

Days and weeks of mining data for analysis that create a static report that gets stuffed onto a bookshelf are over. Together, ESCI and Intterra have teamed up to combine the best of breed consulting and digital data management. We have created a brand-new approach integrating Subject Matter Expertise and Analysis with a living system that helps you to understand your agency, and continuously monitor your outcomes.


Rethinking Your Relationship with Data

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) has reliably met the needs of emergency services agencies for over 40 years and is a national leader in fire, EMS, communications, and law enforcement consulting. Nobody understands the needs of the Public Safety Industry better.

ESCI recognizes that effective strategic planning has always been about understanding what the people and data in your organization are saying. And as times have changed, and agencies struggle to understand the patterns in the incredible amount of data, ESCI recognizes that it is time to bring new tools to the fight. Teaming with Intterra, an industry-leading fire data company, we are introducing an augmented set of offerings for modern Public Safety Agencies that combine expert consulting with integrated reporting, analytics and dashboards that stay with you and your agency well after your ‘report’ has been produced.

Integrating Reporting, Analysis and Planning Tools into your everyday life.

Traditionally, the fire service approach to process improvement involved launching a study, creating a working group of staff and consultants, and preparing an expert analysis of what is going on. We are introducing live performance metrics and Standards of Cover analysis that stays with the agency to measure your progress toward achieving the recommendations you have received.

  • Live connection to CAD & RMS systems
  • Monitor progress towards your goals with integrated analytics
  • Living Standard of Cover
  • Beautiful Dashboards to monitor metrics and performance
  • Drill down from department & battalion to station & crew

Rethinking Stakeholder Engagement & Input

Easy to use dashboards mean that you can see and understand what all the data means. By jurisdiction, battalion, station or unit. And having a live dashboard means you can show and share the information with the staff, the line, and with budget and policy decision-makers. Transparency breeds trust, trust brings collaboration, and collaboration brings results.

The Future of Planning & Analysis

Every day, more fire agencies around the United States transform the once arduous and antiquated data and information management component of their organization into a crucial part of their operation that plays a role in every decision. ESCI will continue to lead the way with innovative and important improvements to support your agency. As the consulting firm of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, it is imperative that we bring the best of breed solutions for Planning and Analysis to America’s First Responders. We will pave the way for innovation that helps real people to protect lives and property every day.

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