Incident Management

Your All Hazards Common Operating Picture

Knowing is Half the Battle

For Incident Commanders that need to map incidents and share intel with their entire crew and cooperators seamlessly and immediately. Close events quickly and keep your crew safe.


Map it Exactly

Lives are on the line and your common operational picture needs to portray exactly what’s happening. You get all the tools, symbols, and layers you need to get the picture right. Everyone on your crew has the same interface, which means everyone can view and contribute important intel as they get it.

Immediate Sharing

Everyone on your team can access your incident even while you’re creating it – your crew, with any device on scene, or your commanders back at the station from their desktop. And if comms are down, Intterra will automatically update when they’re back online.

Details Matter

Drop icons onto your map and load them with detailed information. Your crew can select map features and icons to reveal additional details.

True Damage Assessments

Your crew can perform assessments in real-time, ensuring that accurate data is captured. Using the same interface across all Intterra products, capturing details is fast and efficient.

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