Intterra Operations

Your Real-Time Situational Awareness and Decision Support Tool

Up Your Situational Awareness

You have more than a single incident to manage. You have tradeoffs to consider and quick decisions to make across the department. We make your CAD data visual and put it on a map. See every call and its status immediately. Zoom out and see everything, or zoom in and see all the detail.

All on a Map

See the locations of your crews and equipment. See their status. Watch events as they happen. We stream your AVL feeds for all your apparatus onto a visual interface, with integrated data from other partner resources.

Resource Availability

Intterra Incident Management software provides a common operating picture allowing everyone to view and contribute intel as they get it.

In one view, see the live feed of your AVL data. See your trucks, engines, and crews across your entire response area. Understand time relationships so you can make decisions with confidence.

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