Reporting & Analytics

Data-Driven Decision Support for Your Agency

Get Better Results

For Fire Chiefs, analysts, and administrators that need immediate information about how their department is performing at any level within the organization.

Integrate your operational data with external data sources including RMS, CAD and IRWIN to see a full picture of incidents and performance in a single location.

Fast Access to Reports

Open up the dashboard and adjust the data that you need to see. Or view your data in a map-based format. We want you to be able to get your reports instantly without offline number crunching. Always have the latest information.

Lots of Options

The intuitive interface lets you drill down into dozens of metrics enabling you to get reports that are unique to your department. Dropdown menus, checkboxes, and clicking and dragging get you the information you need, when you need it.

Be a Part of the Fire Data Lab

The Fire Data Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of data-driven decision making in the fire service. It is a partnership between the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA), multiple Public Safety Organizations (PSOs), and Intterra. The lab has created a common data warehouse with partnering agencies’ data that enables creation of fire data best practices.

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