What We Accomplished in 2018

The History of Intterra

Intterra 2018 Milestones

Klamath County Builds a Living CWPP


Over 30 thousand structural assessments have been completed throughout Oregon. The system tracks over 600 mobile devices & units, and is also used for incident mapping for wildfire, hazmat, USAR, Enterprise Geospatial Portal incident mapping (EGP), damage assessments, structure risk/triage, wildfire preplans, fuels treatments, the IRWIN display of incidents, and the system is utilized in the Oregon Department of Forestry situation room to brief leadership.

Western Fire Chiefs Association Grant


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) a grant to accelerate the creation of the Fire Data Lab (FDL). 13 new departments joined the FDL and Intterra co-hosted a Data Analysis Summit with the WFCA.

Intterra Re-Brands and Expands with Multiple Modules


Our company's brand identity was reimagined as Intterra expands into a suite of modules for Preplanning, Operations, Incident Management, Reporting & Analytics

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